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Reviewing the Rugby Pitch and High Jump Facility at Longsmith Academy

As my son has been attending Longsmith Academy for several years now I regularly take time out of my weekend to watch him practice his sport skills on their recent built facilities. Dan has recently been excelling in both Rugby and High Jump, and after seeing him improve significantly I decided to approach the Headmaster and ask him about these new surfaces that have been installed.

I quickly learnt that the Rugby facility my son has been playing on was an artificial pitch, and that the high jump area was actually a professional standard high jump fan. This triggered me to learn more about these products and in the post I aim to explain what I believe are some of the benefits regarding these sports types for schools and young people in the UK.

Upon doing extensive research I quickly realised that high jump fans and high jump equipment are frequently put in at sports centers, in organizations, colleges and schools. There is multiple equipment intended for high jump facilities, for example safe landing matting, cross-bars as well as equipment to measure the height. High jump fans are utilized as a runway to the facility, these are a half circle which the participants run round. An advised high jump fan is 180 degrees and contains a run-way of 15 m. There is also an array of requirements which you can choose from, to make the high jump fan meet your needs.

High Jump Fan Surface Contractors

School establishments usually have the needlepunch man-made surface fitted, as this is stable and versatile. To install multisport artificial surfaces, the carpeting will be rolled over the macadam sub base and glue will be added over the edges. Multi-sport artificial turf is more cost effective for schools as well as leisure organisations who want to put it to use simply for recreational purposes, also they are much better for young people like my son making use of them. Recreational establishments frequently have the needlepunch surface since it is more cost effective and offers a gentle surface area for younger users.

In terms of the artificial rugby pitches, these products are also installed in many academic institutions, colleges, universities, recreational organisations and also sports clubs. Manufactured activities playing surface is incredibly well-liked as it may be used all through the year, needs a minimal volume of repairs and maintenance plus its durable. All-natural turf is the preferred flooring regarding rugby these days 3G grass has comparable performance characteristics. 3G artificial turf is built to fulfill the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League and also the International Rugby Board regulations and standards.

Artificial Turf Rugby Pitch Flooring

To fit 3G sporting turf, the existing flooring will be removed for the essential levels, PCC edges will be positioned, and then the geotextile membrane layer can be fitted and then a MOT type 1 sub-base will be set and then a macadam coating is done and at last the 3G lawn will be rolled out on top plus the sides are stuck with each other. When you’re actively playing rugby or perhaps even football with this surface area, then the shock pad is often added above the tarmacadam. The shock absorber helps to reduce injuries in case you slip and provides a far more comfy competing surfacing.

It is safe to say then that both of these sports surfaces enable youngsters to improve their sporting abilities in more ways than one, and overall I am extremely impressed with them. It makes me very happy to know that my child is able to enjoy his extra-curricular activities all year round, and I’d like to also thank Longsmith Academy for all the information they have given me.

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A Brief History of Rugby, Rugby Union, and Garforth RUFC

A Brief History of Rugby, Rugby Union, and Garforth RUFC

The history of rugby and the Garforth Rugby Union Football Club is quite fascinating. Garforth itself became its current size due to the expansion during the 1600s and 1700s. This was due to the growth of the coal industry. Today, motor repair and manufacturing comprise a large portion of the workforce. Expansion in recent times is due to economic growth in Leeds, and transport links connected to Garforth.



Meanwhile, the history of Garforth RUFC starts with the beginning of rugby union itself. It originates from different football games that were played before the 1800s. However, the rules were not created and recorded until the middle of the 1800s. The origins of rugby union can be tracked to three events: the 1845 first set of written rules, the decision of the Blackheath Club to leave the Football Association, and the 1871 forming of the Rugby Football Union. The code was first known as Rugby Football. Then due to an argument in 1895 regarding how players were to be paid, a separate code was created, and the name Rugby Reunion referred to this new code. For the majority of its history rugby was only an amateur football code.


bristol1945-46Centuries before Garforth RUFC was founded, people played several different ball games in the Middle Ages. These games were known as “folk football,” “mob football,” and other names. Typically an unlimited number of players on both teams would literally fight to advance the inflated pig’s bladder to markers located at the end of town. It’s not surprising that authorities later tried to make such games illegal. In terms of rugby itself, many historians believe that we can trace its origins to 1823. That is when William Webb Ellis allegedly was playing at Rugby School, when he picked up the ball and ran with it. Rugby was born. Truth be told, there is little solid evidence to prove that this event was indeed the start of rugby. However, the story is so famous that the trophy for the Rugby World Cup is named the “William Webb Ellis Trophy.” In fact, a £40,000 bronze statue depicting this event was unveiled in 1997. Across the statue the Webb Ellis museum stands.

Several changes to the Rugby Football Union were implemented after its formation. The main goal was to eliminate the most violent features of the game. In addition, different clubs played by different rules, which prevented the sport from being standardized. The Rugby Football Union was attended by 21 clubs. While some of the clubs still exist today, others have a different name today, and still others are defunct. Also, several renowned provincial clubs later became members of the Rugby Football Union. The “laws” of the Rugby Football Union were approved by 1871.



To better appreciate Garforth RUFC, it’s critical to know the history of Rugby Union, and rugby itself. The game has evolved significantly since its inception. However, these changes have improved the game significantly, eventually transforming into modern Rugby Union Football Clubs, such as the one in Garforth. And it all started with a student who picked up the pigskin.

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Key Information about Garforth RUFC, World Rugby, and Rugby Competitions

Key Information about Garforth RUFC, World Rugby, and Rugby Competitions

Garfotth is a town in Leeds, located in West Yorkshire, England. Garforth RUFC is one of two rugby clubs located in the town of Garforth; the other one is Garforth Tigers ARLFC. There are also several local football teams, two cricket clubs, and a golf club. A Rugby Union is a contact team sport that originated in England during the early 1800s. It is one of rugby football’s two codes. The game’s most common form includes two teams with 15 players on each team. There are various types of positions on each team. The first row contains three players, the second row has two players, and the third row contains three players. The half-backs include two players, the three quarters contain four positions, and the fullback is one position.


Since being formed in 1886, the governing body for Rugby Union has been World Rugby. It was first known as International Rugby Football Board (IRFB), and later as International Rugby Board (IRB). While Rugby Union started in the UK and resulted in the forming of various clubs such as Garforth RUFC, it later spread to various nations in the British Empire. These included Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. In fact, some countries have even made rugby their main national sport. They include Wales, New Zealand, and Samoa. Today, people in over 100 countries play Rugby Union. The biggest rugby event is the Rugby World Cup, which has taken place every four years in 1987. There are other major international competitions that take place yearly. They include The Rugby Championships, the Six Nations Championship, and the Webb Ellis Cup.


There are also several domestic competitions that take place throughout the world. They include England’s English Premiereship, France’s Top 14, South Africa’s Currie Cup, and New Zealand’s ITM Cup. The English Premiereship has existed since 1987, and has 12 participating clubs. Since the 2009-2010 season it has used a playoff format to determine the competitor’s champion. In the past, the champion was determined by team’s league performance. The teams that participate in the competition also qualify for the two main European rugby competitions. The Pro 12 includes northIrish, Welsh, Scottish, and Italian teams. The most successful teams in the competition, then compete in the European Rugby Champions Cup. Pro 12 started as a competition that exclusively included Celtic teams. There’s also the European Rugby Champions Cup, which includes the top European teams that won the domestic competitions they participated in. Finally, another competition is Super Rugby, which includes teams from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Garforth RUFC continues a long and fascinating history of Rugby Union in the UK. However, other quality teams exist throughout the UK and other nations. The biggest competition remains the Rugby World Cup. However, several other competitions within the UK and Europe also take place. These events are much-anticipated throughout the world of rugby. However, the most anticipated event continues to be the Rugby World Cup. It determines which country is the best of the best, and participants come from various Rugby Union squads, which could include Garforth RUFC.

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The Latest News of Garforth RUFC

The Latest News of Garforth RUFC

Whether it’s at the local, national, or international level, it’s always a thrill to read news about any Rugby Union team, such as Garforth RUFC. Having the latest news is critical to being aware about the latest news items about the sport. One of the latest news stories was about the Core Values of Rugby in terms of Garforth RUFC. It’s important to review the latest core values of the team. This will allow you to be more knowledgeable about your favorite Rugby Union team. The Code of Conduct is definitely one of the most important issues included in the code, while others also exist.


What are some of the items in the Core Values? For example, spectators must remain behind the barriers so they’re not too close to the touch lines. Next, spectators are also not permitted onto the field of play unless the referee has given permission to do as such. Another important issue is for replacements, coaches, etc. to remain in areas where they are restricted to during a match. When these areas are not designated then it’s important for all spectators to remain beyond the playing area. In league and cup games, four officials are provided to guaranteeing that all spectators stay within technical areas. Next, no spectators should approach the match’s officials right after the final whistle. Finally, all players and spectators must realize that bad behavior can have a significant negative effect on the squad.


Garforth RUFC has played in several key matches during the past season. For example, in Game 2, the team hoped to achieve its first victory of the season. Wibsey was the squad that played Garforth in 1409260358_2358Game 2. This was a key match after Garforth lost a heartbreaking 22-20 match to Hessle two weeks beforehand. It was definitely going to be one of the biggest matches of the season. Then in Game 4 Garforth attempted to achieve its 3rd victory in a row. Its opponents were Rotherham Clinton. Rothertham was looking for a victory after being defeated by Wibsey in its last match. Garforth’s goal was to remain tough on defense, in order to prevent Rotherham from scoring points.


Besides news about its games, Garforth RUFC has also made the news due to other newsworthy items. For example, in April Garforth RUFC was prepared to open a rugby academy. The goal was to develop the sport’s next generation of talent from the region. The pre-season training was to begin in May. Also, the academy is planning friendly games for every-other Sunday and training taking place during the other alternate Sunday of the month. The goal of the academy during the next three years is to proceed with the Under 18’s and Colt status. The Garforth RUFC club will hold a meeting for players and parents on April 16.

In this Information Age we live in, staying up-to-date on the latest news regarding Garforth RUFC is key. That’s true whether the news is about the team’s core values, latest matches, or local news. The key is to be in the know.

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Things You Might Not Know about Garforth RUFC and Rugby Union

Things You Might Not Know about Garforth RUFC and Rugby Union

Garforth RUFC is among the many Rugby Union teams in existence today. Whether you’ve been a fan for a week or decades, the world of Rugby Union is always changing and improving. As a true fan it’s critical to constantly expand your knowledge about the sport. It starts with the origin of the game. It likely started at Rugby School, a preparatory school located in England. According to legend, William Webb Ellis “invented” the game when he picked up the pigskin and started to run with it towards the goal. Besides knowing this story, you should also be aware that this is one of various accounts about how the inception of Rugby. Today there are millions of loyal Rugby fans throughout the world. Another interesting topic regarding Rugby is the origin of the ball. The first balls were actually pig bladders that became oval after being inflated.


There are several facts and figures about Rugby that are quite fascinating. While the sport definitely started in England, the first official Rugby Club was founded at the University of Dublin (Ireland). The highest scoring international player in the history of the sport was England’s Johnny Wilkinson. Amazingly, he scored a total of 1,152 points during this professional career. Meanwhile, the longest Rugby game in world history took place on October 7, 2011. The game lasted for 24 hours and 30 minutes, and included the Mali Lions and Congleton Bears. The Lions were victorious, winning 894-715. Meanwhile, the highest score in an international game occurred in October of 1994. That’s when Hong Kong defeated Singapore 164-13. Meanwhile, the biggest margin of victory in International Rugby Union was when Argentina defeated Paraguay 152-0, in 2002.


Besides facts about the origin of Rugby Union and past matches, it’s also good to be knowledgeable about various aspects of how the sport is played. A Line Out takes place when the ball crosses the sideline. After it crosses the sideline, the ball is said to be In Touch. Next, in a Rugby match there are five ways to score in a match. They are: a try, conversion, drop goal, penalty goal, and penalty try. It is also important to know that each Rugby match has a referee and a couple of touch judges. Speaking of which, when a referee issues a yellow card to a player, the player must then spend 10 minutes in the “sin bin.” Next, while a ruck involves the ball being on the ground, a maul requires the ball to be in a player’s hands. It’s critical to know the difference between these ways, whether you’re playing or watching a Rugby Union match.

England v New Zealand - QBE International

Rugby is certainly a fantastic sport, which includes various participants including Garforth RUFC. However, the more you learn about the sport, the more you’ll be able to appreciate it. And that will in turn make you an even bigger fan of it. While there are many other sports in today’s world, Rugby Union is arguably one of the top ones. It can take a lifetime to master its skills and strategies.

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